Happy 2023, everyone!

This week we released a new supplement for our tabletop roleplaying game The Gloaming Diaries called Eventide! This supplement discusses the "offspring", the half-human children of the supernatural. Some, like the monstrous Calibans or mystical Cambions, are half-fae. Others, like the bloody Corpseborn, are half-undead. Some others yet, like Changelings, were stolen or abandoned, touched by supernatural heritage in ways other than blood. In total there's 8 Birthrights that offspring characters can choose from! As the children of dual heritages, the offspring struggle with acceptance in the world, too strange for humans, too mundane for the supernatural, and have to make a place for themselves.

Furthermore, the book contains new goodies for characters of all types, with 2 new fighting styles, 2 new magical lores, and 4 new Paths: The Crafter, The Fisher, The Harvester, and The Herder!

You can go purchase and download Eventide today, which is on a sale during its launch week!

Additionally, all of The Gloaming Diaries line of supplements is on sale right now as well. If you haven't checked them out yet, this is a great time to go take a look at what else is in the line:

  • Murk explores the murkborn, humans who died and have returned to life as undead. Guided by the mysterious Eidolons, they protect the living from hungry ghosts and zombie-like rots, and aid spirits in need in finding their way to Tithe, the mysterious city of the dead.
  • Dusk is a supplement to enhance the combat rules for The Gloaming Diaries, offering more balance and tactical depth.
  • Vespers expands upon the TGD setting, discussing the Vale of Nightmares at the heart of the Wood, and the role of dreams and travelling in them in the setting. It offers rules to play Darklings, who swear allegiance to the Queen of Nightmares, and provides more magic, Paths and Perks for all characters.
  • Cicadas explores the role of dreams more deeply, providing rules to play the Ephemerans, quick-lived dreamkin born to consciousness in the dreams of those from the waking world.

Thank you again for playing The Gloaming Diaries! We hope you enjoy our new supplement. Let us know what new adventures you have!