Deadpuncher is a tabletop RPG of the punching dead (and punching the dead) by Kyle Weems.

Players take on the role of fighters aware of the truth of the Liminal Shadows, the hidden societies of the dead that dwell among humankind. Some are living, some are the dead themselves. They may be ancient aristocrats, werewolf billionaires, or obsessed tournament champions, but they all know how to handle themselves in a fight.

In addition to the threat of predatory undead plaguing the living, the heroes can find themselves battling the forces of Hell in a never-ending fight to keep the world safe. Will they find themselves in a strange tournament in an ancient castle in Eastern Europe? Will they be battling the King of Ravens over a flaming ravine deep in the underworld? Will they end up in a no-holds barred brawl in a mall food court?

You decide.

Deadpuncher is in an early access phase a playtest setting for a combat system that focuses on quick, risky, high energy battles. Players build small decks of maneuvers and focus on tactics instead of luck in landing blows and avoiding death.

Get Deadpuncher Today!

Deadpuncher is available as a 125-page PDF. This early access edition of the game describes the setting, provides complete character creation rules for characters among the quick and the dead, and access to over a dozen fighting styles.