The Gloaming Diaries

The Gloaming Diaries is a role-playing game about the gloamspun. These half-human, half-fae beings are created when a fae fleeing the eternal war of the Land of Faerie encounters a human seeking change within the woods. Needing one another, they weave their souls together, becoming one.

Refugees of War

The fae have fled a war that will never end. To do so they crossed the deadly Vale of Nightmares and gave up half of themselves to merge with a human to survive on the Earth, where the sun would otherwise burn their gossamer flesh. On Earth the two retinues of the warring Monarchs now make uneasy peace with one another, hiding inside a human society that can never truly understand what they have become.

Escaping The Ordinary

The humans that become gloamspun have fled the ordinary. Outside of human domain, deep within the woods, they discover a magical being that offers them a wondrous transformation. The gloamspun always come from humans who sought something in the woods outside of the places humanity belongs. The wondrous nature of their new state of being is both a gift and a curse, but one they take willingly.

Being a patron for as little as $1/month is enough to acquire The Gloaming Diaries. But if you're interested in playing and can't afford anything, please reach out to Kyle on Twitter and he'll set you up with a free copy of the game.