Wolfwhere is a a tabletop RPG of wolves cursed to become human. The players are Neuri, who once were wolves but are now almost-human after receiving a cursed bite from cannibalistic humans they have come to call Redcaps. No longer wolves, not quite human, yet able to wear the skins of either, the Neuri struggle with adapting to their new world, new minds, and the loss of what they once were.

Paperless Wolves

Walking into human civilization after their curse, Neuri suffer from a major drawback in 21st century society: no paper trail whatsoever. They have no proof of citizenship because, in truth, before the bite they were not citizens, or even human. Few in number, they have tenuous connections beyond the pack level. This makes it hard to falsify identities or gain citizenship in their communities. The Neuri usually live initially among the lower classes or outcasts until they learn enough human deception or gain false paperwork through criminal allies.

Awkward Discovery

Neuri have had their previously animal minds explode into human consciousness with no forewarning. Everything is new. What do these red lights mean on street corners? Have you tried this “hamburger”? Each new moment is bound to be ten thousand times more vivid for them, having little to compare them with in their prior lives. But they lack context as to what it means to be human, and still long for their former lives as wolves. The end result is one of constant and awkward discovery. Exploring the chaos of all this new input, all these new thoughts, is a major part of experiencing their life.